Washington Little Guy Wrestling
The WLGWL was formed 20 years ago to help defray the costs of wrestling in Eastern Washington’s smaller communities. Before that time most tournaments required travel to the wet side of the state.
These tournaments had larger entry fees in addition to the increased travel costs. This effectively eliminated entry level wrestling for many families and groups. In the WLGWL entry fees and travel are kept to a minimum by league mandate and all proceeds stay in our local communities.
The style of wrestling in the WLGWL is Folkstyle or Collegiate and prepares local kids for the high school ranks. The season is generally only 10 weeks long thus avoiding wrestler burnout.
The WLGWL has no set weight classes. This generally discourages weight cutting and allows for a greater number of weight classes each week. More weight classes mean more medalists and more champions. Wrestlers being successful and being recognized for their hard work mean more kids staying out for the sport.

USA Wrestling
This is the official sanctioning body of US Olympic Wrestling. They are the largest and most well organized association. They are responsible for fielding and training our national team. They send our teams to compete and represent us around the world.
The dominant styles of wrestling are Greco-Roman and Freestyle. These are the style of wrestling seen at the international level. Wrestlers proficient in these styles are successful at the high school level although these aren’t the styles they compete with at school. The season is from November to July.
The cost to participate in USA Wrestling programs and events is generally higher due to the greater overhead. The seasons are longer in length and involve a greater amount of travel. There are a set number of weight classes and tournaments will have a greater number of participants per weight class. There are fewer champions but the medals mean more.

NUWAY is the National Union of Wrestling Associations for Youth. They were formed in the early 90s to combat what was perceived as a lack of good folkstyle wrestling opportunities for youth. The idea was support local programs and local wrestlers. It has grown and expanded across the US. Its formation has increased the Folkstyle offerings of USA Wrestling.
There is not currently an NUWAY affiliate in Washington State. There is a local affiliate in Oregon that is local and has made inroads into our area of Washington. They hold youth tournaments in the fall. Most of the tournaments are in Oregon and require greater travel. There are set weight classes and a state tournament that encompasses a greater number of programs and wrestlers from all of Oregon.
ORWAY has shorter tournaments but a longer season and a greater amount of travel in the winter months. The NUWAY program is growing and offers national folkstyle tournaments that are increasing in attendance.

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