What is going on? The formation of a new wrestling club.

Why did I hear about the change/Get an email? Wrestlers who previously wrestled with the Mat Rattlers were contacted to make them aware of changes in program and circumstance. If you weren’t a Mat Rattler and received contact it is because someone close to you wants you to be part of the newest club in the Tri-Cities.

How does this affect me? If you were a Mat Rattler that practiced at Hanford High School your location has been discontinued as a practice site and you will need to find a new location to wrestle for the Mat Rattlers Club.

What will be the major differences? For wrestlers  that competed for the Mat Rattlers – North very little will change. The Reactors will practice a very similar schedule in the very same room and with the same coaching staff. There will be changes but the program will have a very familiar feel for your wrestler.

Will my same friends be there? We sincerely hope so. We have encouraged all of our former wrestlers to join with us in our new club. Hopefully your old friends will be here. I am positive some of your new ones will be.

Can I still be a Mat Rattler? Absolutely. We still have a great relationship with the old club and the staff. We intend to keep those relationships strong and help build the Tri-City wrestling community.

Will we still work with the Mat Rattlers Club? There have been no concrete plans finalized as yet. There will be opportunities to get together and involve our clubs.

Do I need to buy another singlet? Yes. The short answer is yes. We are a new team and a new club with a new look and style . We will require all wrestlers that wrestle under our banner to wear our colors.

Why the name change? We had to change names to avoid confusion and help establish a new club and a new culture.

Why Reactors? We chose Reactors because of the deep rooted nuclear history in our community.

Reactors are: powerful, strong, durable, clean, dependable, and high energy.

That is our wrestlers and that is our style.

Why the colors? Black and Gold are not used by any of the larger high school or youth programs in the greater area. They come free from baggage and tradition locally. We are able to establish the tradition all. The colors black and gold do carry a very strong national tradition. The colors are shared by the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL, the team with the most Superbowl Championships, and the Iowa Hawkeyes the winningest college wrestling team of the modern era.

Black and Gold have strong meaning and symbolism historically.

Black is made from a mix all colors becoming one. All of our wrestlers will mix together forming one club and one team.
Black is is the color of mystery and anonymity. We will put the WE before the ME. No one ever stood atop the podium alone.
Black is powerful, tactical, and fast like our wrestling style. Our wrestlers will be strong inside and out.
Black inspires fear, uncertainty, sadness and mourning in our opponents and rivals. Black is the color where their hopes and dreams go to die.

Gold is successful, victorious, and triumphant, like our wrestlers. First place medals are Gold for a reason.
Gold is optimistic, positive, warm and high quality like our coaching style. Our coaches will be respected but not feared.
Gold is eye-catching and memorable. We will not and we cannot hide from our actions both for good and for bad. Our colors will mark us and the name we bear.
Gold is highly visible and has “presence” . Our opponents can always see us…always find us… always feel us…we aren’t going away.

Black and Gold are strong colors.
They are the colors of winners.
The colors of champions.
The colors of us.`

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