A. The Reactor Wrestling Club (RWC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to producing young men and women of character through wrestling, sportsmanship, and hard work. Reactor wrestlers will be champions on and off of the mat. We are an equal opportunity youth club. All youth that can abide by the RWC rules and Honor Code are welcome. All may enter, all may learn.

B. The primary purpose of this club is to acquaint youth with the rules and fundamentals of wrestling and to support the sport of wrestling at all levels.

C. The RWC is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is non-profit under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code.


A. General Membership. All families with a participating and dues paying family member in good standing with the RWC are considered members and are allowed one vote in general elections.

B. Meeting of members. A meeting of the corporation shall be held annually at a time and place designated by the Board of Directors, written notice posted no less than 21 days prior to such meeting on the team website. (

C. Revoking Membership. The Board may by a two-thirds vote of a quorum, revoke the General Membership of individuals because of conduct unbecoming to our Club as described in the RWC Honor Code.


A. The Board of Directors manages the affairs and business of the Reactor Wrestling 

Club. The Board will consist of the following voting elected officers: President, Vice President, Administrator and the following non voting appointed positions: Finance Director, Parent Participation Director, Historical Director, Concessions Director, Fundraising Director, Equipment Director and Parent Representatives. All appointments will be made with a simple majority of the Board. Board positions and voting authority may be changed with the unanimous consent of the voting Board or 75% of the general body. In the event of a tie the presiding board member will break the tie. The President and the Treasurer cannot be related. 

B. Officers shall be elected at the annual general member meeting. All positions shall be held for 2 years or until: (a) the successor is duly elected, (b) death or disability, (c) resignation or (d) removed from office by a 2/3 majority of all voting members. Vacancies may be filled with a simple majority vote of The Board.

C. The regular meetings of The Board will be held at a time and location established and published on the team website no less than 21 days prior to meeting. The board shall meet often enough to orderly conduct team business. Appointed positions are not required to attend Board meetings unless requested by the Board.

D. Quorum will consist of 50% of Board members. Any individual holding an elected and appointed position simultaneously will count as one board member. Quorum must be met prior to the board voting on a binding measure. However, a voting member can cast a vote if absent via communication with the President. 

E. Delegation of Authority / Responsibility - All duties and responsibilities of Club Officers may be delegated appropriately. Elected Board Members may hold appointed positions but to increase parent participation should not hold more than one concurrently.

F. All other powers, authority, duties and responsibilities of the Club not otherwise specifically stated or defined in the RWC By Laws are considered to be vested in the President individually or the Board when in session.

G. Conflicts of Interest will be avoided by following the RWC Conflict of Interest Policy published on the website. (



A. The President is the Head Coach and shall preside over all meetings, act as point of contact for all directors, and perform such executive responsibilities of the office, including matters of insurance, facilities, discipline, and representation of the club with affiliated organizations and bodies. The President and Administrator will organize the clubs registration program and be responsible for all RWC correspondence/communication through all mediums. The President will be authorized to sign on all bank drafts. Voting Position (Elected on Odd Years)

B. The Vice President, working with the President, is responsible for organizing the wrestling practices. This includes the organization of the practice schedule, setting up coaches to oversee the practices, maintenance of the schedule. The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall exercise the powers and duties of the President. Voting Position (Elected on Even Years)

C. The Administrator is responsible for recording and submission of the initial registration of athletes and coaches to the affiliate organizations. The Administrator will maintain the volunteer and coaching list along with contact information and background check verification. The Administrator will coordinate registration information to be disseminated via either email or print to prior participants, schools and newspapers. The Administrator shall keep a record of all meetings, including board meetings, post minutes of the previous meeting, make notice of meetings on the website. Voting Position (Elected on Even Years)


D. Finance Director - The Finance Director shall keep a record of all funds, deposit all funds in a local bank, and make all disbursements by check which will be signed by the Finance Director and President. The Finance Director will have all account balances available at all meetings of the board and the organization. This person will provide receipts for such items. A financial report will be prepared and presented to the board at each general membership meeting or when requested by the Board. The Finance Director will establish financial policies with the Board each calendar year for accurate accounting and financial stability as best fits the current needs of the club. The Finance Director will be responsible for filing all required tax forms. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)

E. Parent Participation Director - The Parent Participation Director is responsible for organizing and educating club parents for manning tables at tournaments. The director will also gather volunteers and assigning duties and responsibilities for any tournaments the club sponsors. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)

F. Historical Director - The Historical Director shall keep track of the club’s important events in order to compile a year-end synopsis for the website. All significant information involving the club should be included in the synopsis, including club advertisements, newsletters, newspaper articles, event programs, tournament results and photos. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)

G. Concessions Director - The Concessions Director is responsible for the organization of the concession stands and hospitality rooms for tournaments the club sponsors, as well as the team party at the end of the year. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)

H. Fundraising Director - The Fund Raising Director is responsible for finding equitable fund raising events which are appropriate for the organization. The director is also responsible for maintaining a current inventory of all items used or sold during fund raising events to prevent 

any over or under stock of items. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)

I. Equipment Director - The Equipment Director is responsible for the upkeep, repair, inventory record keeping and storage of any and all RWC equipment and clothing. An accurate accounting of all durable goods and equipment shall be available at each board meeting and/or within 1 week of a request from the Board.

J. Parent Representative - The Parent Representatives will be no less than 2 and no more than 6 in number. The Parent Representatives are responsible for providing parent input and feedback on team programs and direction. Non Voting Position (appointed yearly at General Meeting)


A. Coaching Eligibility - The following are prerequisites for coaching in the RWC practices, meets and tournaments. 

1. Coaches must be at least eighteen years of age. 

2. Coaches shall be selected by the President and/or Vice President.

3. Coaches must be willing to fulfill all duties assigned by President and/or Vice President.

4. Coaches must fill out and pass a WSP background check. 

5. Coaches must be willing to abide by the RWC Honor Code and have a signed copy on file with the RWC Administrator or representative.

B. Volunteer Eligibility - The following are prerequisites for volunteering in RWC practices, meets and tournaments.

1. Volunteers must be willing to fulfill all duties assigned by the members of the coaching staff.

2. Volunteers must be willing to abide by the RWC Honor Code and have a signed copy on file with the RWC Administrator or representative.

C. Coach/ Volunteer Principles of Leadership.

1. They will refrain from use of alcohol or tobacco during contact with wrestlers.

2. They will not “belittle” wrestlers, but may use constructive criticism in private.

3. They will not criticize the opposing team, coaches or fans in any shape or form, i.e. good sportsmanship. 

4. They will refrain from using abusive/profane language. 

5. They will not discriminate based on gender or win/loss record. 

6. They will emphasize that good athletes are physically and mentally alert. 

7. They will strive to make every wrestling activity serve as a training ground for life and as a basis for good mental and physical health.

8. They will emphasize proper nutrition/diet for proper weight control/loss. 

9. They will set a good example by following all the rules and regulations of the wrestlers as it pertains to them.

D. Acts of Disbarment - A coach or other adult acting in an official capacity may be barred from further participation in RWC events and practices by violation of the RWC Honor Code or any act, situation or event that is deemed sufficiently egregious by a majority vote of the Board.

E. Written documentation of any disciplinary action will be handled in the format shown on the team website. (


 A. Wrestler Eligibility - The following are participation requirements for youth that wish to participate with the RWC.

1. Children ages 5 -18 who live within participating distance of team facilities and practice locations are eligible for team membership.

2. A written registration form filled out by the parent/guardian for each wrestler must be on file with the club. 

3. A birth certificate (photocopy only) must be on file with the Administrator before a wrestler can compete. 

4. A signed medical release must be on file with the club before a wrestler can participate in practice. 

5. Registration fees for each wrestler must be paid prior to participating in practice. 

6. A willingness to follow the RWC Honor Code and have a signed copy on file with the team Administrator or representative

B. Revocation of Membership Rights - The following is a list of activities that may cause a participating wrestler to loss membership privileges and rights. This list is not comprehensive nor inclusive and additional actions may result in termination of membership and loss of privileges as deemed by the President or Board.

1. Biting, fighting, bullying, name calling, abusive language; 

2. Possession, use, or distribution of any illegal substance with the exception of a legally obtained drug prescription for personal use. 

3. Use or possession of tobacco or alcohol.

4. Vandalism of any and all property, including practice and tournament facilities as well as hotels/motels used for tournament participation.

5. Continued disruption of practices or/and poor sportsmanship. 

6. Disrespect to any wrestler, coach, assigned chaperone, or club official; 

7. Having a communicable disease (at the discretion of the Board) 

C. Any wrestler dropped from the club for any reason cannot participate with the 

club in any way. A wrestler may seek reinstatement by a vote of the board.

D. There will be no refunds of registration or tournament fees upon removal from the team.

E. Written documentation of any disciplinary action will be handled in the format shown on the team website. ( 


A. A parent/guardian must refrain from poor sportsmanship, which includes but is not limited to the following.

1. Publicly criticizing the coaches, wrestlers, opposing clubs, fans or officials. 

2. Interfering with the coaching methods of the coaching staff. 

3. Using abusive and/or profane language. 

4. Possession and/or use of illegal drugs and alcohol on school property. 

5. Striking any coach, official, spectator, or participant. 

B. A parent/guardian is responsible for the conduct and behavior of all siblings and guests in attendance at an RWC event or practice. Family and Guests are to be held to the same Honor Code.

C. Any comments or concerns by a parent/guardian should be directed to the Head Coach and/or to the officers of the organization as soon as possible. 

D. A parent/guardian will guarantee athletes will not be unsupervised or unattended following practices or competitions. Children will not be left alone at practice or competition sites. Parents will be responsible for their child’s behavior at all wrestling activities and in hotel/motel rooms. 

E. A parent/guardian may be dismissed and their child’s/children’s membership with the RWC revoked by violation of any of the above noted acts. The determination of this dismissal shall be approved by a majority vote of the board.

F. Written documentation of any disciplinary action will be handled in the format shown on the team website. ( 


 A. Nothing herein contained prohibits the organization from taking immediate action on a violation if the officers of the organization decide this action is in the best interest of the organization. 

B. Any member of the organization that has been dropped from the team or barred from any event of the organization has the right to have such action reviewed and an opportunity to present his/her case to The Board of the organization for reinstatement. This appeal will be voted on by the board of the organization to either uphold the official action or overrule such action. Any action passed by the board of the organization will be considered binding and not subject to appeal.

C. All decisions made by board of the organization are binding upon all individuals involved with the club. 


A. All assets generated by the RWC shall remain the property of RWC. 

B. An audit of the finances of the organization will be done twice a year or upon request of any five members of the general membership. A financial report will be prepared and presented to the board at the end of the season and at the general membership meeting. 

C. No part of the net earnings of this club shall insure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its members, board members or private persons except that the club shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered to the club.

D. No business transactions will take place that might financially benefit the private 

interest of a board member. 

1. Any question of conflict of interest will be taken up by a special board meeting where final determination can be made of actual conflict.

2. Failure to disclose actual conflict of interest will result in the board member being removed from their position on the board. 

E. Any check made payable to RWC that is returned as NSF will be redeposited two times. Any charges incurred by the club due to insufficient funds shall be charged to the check writer. The club reserves the right to refuse subsequent checks and require cash or money order in the amount of NSF. 

F. Upon dissolution of the RWC, the Board of Directors shall pay or make provision for the payment of all liabilities of the club. All remaining funds and assets will be donated to the wrestling club of the Boards choosing. 


A. Any revisions, additions, or deletions to these bylaws must be voted on by the board of the organization prior to their incorporation. These bylaws will be reviewed and revised every two years by the board of the organization. 



A. The RWC, upon a vote of its board of directors, reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual if it is found to be in the best interest of the club.