Reactor Skin Disease Guide

Infectious skin disease is endemic to wrestling and an outbreak can spread like wildfire. Fortunately, infectious skin disease while unsightly is more embarrassing than dangerous. The Reactors strive to protect our wrestlers by quickly identifying and treating outbreaks. We also take all reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of the diseases. Parents can aid us in this process by following these guidelines.

Shower Immediately ­ - The longer a wrestler waits to shower the more time bacteria and fungus have to grow on their skin. Make sure that every part gets scrubbed.

Dry Thoroughly - Work your way from head to toe with a clean towel.

Know Your Wrestler ­ - Check wrestlers daily for anything that is “new” . Keep an eye out for red/irritated skin, scratches, peeling, bumps, itching, etc.

Keep Nails Trimmed ­ - Bacteria and fungus can live under fingernails and any scratches increase the odds of skin infection.

Don’t Share Gear ­ - Shoes and Headgear Etc are excellent media to pass bugs and not all families share the same attention to cleanliness.

Wear Clean Practice Gear ­ - Have a clean set of gear for every practice session; this includes t­shirts, shorts, and socks. You absolutely cannot wear the same gear for more than one practice. Wash your gear bag weekly too.

Cover All Wounds ­ - Openings in the skin allow bacteria/fungus to enter the body and grow. Covering these openings will decrease the likelihood of skin disease.

Keep Shoes Clean ­ - Fungus and bacteria get on the mat from the bottoms of wrestler’s feet. Don’t wear wrestling shoes on the street or street shoes on a wrestling mat.

Immediate Treatment ­ - More time = More bugs = Longer treatment = Less Wrestling

WHEN IN DOUBT COACH FIGURES IT OUT! - ­ Our coaches have experience and training in the identification and treatment of contagious skin infections. Please show the coaches any and all questionable spots. It protects your wrestler and the team.